My favourite things

When I’m not photographing weddings & families, you’ll find me sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine, eating crisps watching Netflix with Andy. He prefers Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead & I prefer Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife, sobbing throughout every episode.

Sometimes we manage to have a date night, out at our local Indian restaurant but we end up talking about our daughter & mortgages rather than setting the world to rights like we did before we had a daughter & a mortgage!

I also change my hair colour quite a bit as you might see from the photographs of me with the family on the slide show, currently going for the brunette look! Exercise wise I’m quite limited to an on line yoga course where I wobble along & walking with my daughter in the local park.

My love of music 

What made me want to become a photographer

Photographing bands in London, old school indie/rock, was my first photography gig. Probably the most famous band I have photographed was the pop band, Steps! I also managed to get a pass to photograph some of the lesser well known bands at the Reading festival when Nirvana played in the 90’s, I was very much a novice at the time but had a blast anyway. 

Donna is so friendly and lovely! Amazing at what she does, she captured our day perfectly! The photos are incredible, we love them! Thank you Donna

Jade and Tom

The Family

I live with Andy, my husband, our cheeky daughter, a black & white cat & a cute lop eared rabbit who poos all over the house pretty much 24 hours a day! Who said rabbits could live indoors?