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Planning an intimate Garden Wedding (Some fun Ideas)

What better way to inject a bit of personality into your wedding day than to hold a garden wedding!

‘Do it yourself’ weddings can be great fun & are quite popular nowadays! It’s a chance to inject some of your personality into your special day! Here are some ideas for planning a wedding in your home or back garden. Ideal for laid back, non traditional wedding couples who might want to try something a bit different & fun! Guess what-You can make up all the rules!

Decorating the Garden

This is probably a good place to start & a bit of the organising that most of us enjoy. You can have great fun decorating your garden! Bunting always looks pretty & gives a vintage feel to your wedding theme, hang it over the front door or on the fences/hedges to brighten up your garden. Making some signs to guide people to the parts of the house/garden where the wedding is being held. Using the plant pots & flowers you already have as a feature looks good too. Another amusing idea is to use a wheelbarrow to put all the beers in! Vintage drinks crates can look really effective to brighten up a dull area, just add gypsophila or other pretty flowers to complete the look!

Can you legally get married in a garden?

Unfortunately not, you are unable to legally hold a wedding ceremony in your home or back garden. But you could consider carrying out the formalities in your local registry office or local church, then going back to your house with your guests for the celebrations. Or you could do the formalities on a different day, just you guys & your witnesses! On the day of the wedding celebrations at your home you could hold a blessing ceremony with a Humanist or recite your vows again in front of your family & friends!

Finishing Touches

Adding little details & finishing touches can really make your wedding unique & personal. It’s a chance to get crafty, vintage tea cups are easy enough to pick up in second hand charity shops, they make a lovely centre piece with some wild flowers added or old jam jars with some fancy lace or ribbons, to glam them up a bit. You could just buy or hire the bits you need or look on eBay for some ideas!


Hiring a food cart is a great idea, they can simply park on your drive, takes the hassle out of cooking yourself & they offer all sorts of yummy food for you & your guests to try. Or how about hiring a traditional ice cream van they look really good & are a big hit with the kids!

Wedding Afternoon Tea Party

Have you thought about holding an English afternoon tea party for your wedding guests? You can source your vintage plates, tea cups & saucers from Charity Shops. Make a few show stopper cakes as well as scones, cupcakes & dainty sandwiches. For refreshments just could make your own lemonade or Pimms punch! Don’t forget the tea & teapot too!

Hiring a Marquee

If you have got the room you could hire a marquee, might be a good idea incase the weather takes a turn too!

Or put some fancy tents or wigwams in the garden! You could have them themed; a chilled tent or one for the kids to play in.

The Party & Entertainment

If the weather isn’t too good you can set up the entertainment in your front room, maybe hire a magician for the kiddies. You could always ask a musician friend to play a few tunes on the evening, live music always goes down really well, especially at this kind of party as it is usually a bit more intimate. Photo Booths are always a big hit too, a chance for the guests to break the ice with each other as they dress up & have a little muck around. You could set up a little area to take photographs!

Don’t forget to tell the neighbours!

Don’t forget to warn your neighbours that you are having your wedding in your garden or even better you could invite them to pop along!

Photo Ops at a Home Wedding

There are lots of chances to get some fun photographs at home of the two of you together & your guests enjoying themselves. If there aren’t loads of background ops you could have a little wonder around the local area to find suitable backgrounds or even take some funny shots of you walking around the streets!

Check out my wedding photography gallery on the link below!

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