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Family Outdoor Photoshoot Birmingham (Go For it!)

It’s one of those things we keep meaning to get round too! Then before we know it the kids really are all grown up & having kids of their own!

With spring approaching & the first signs of the flowers starting to bud in the garden I am looking forward to the days getting warmer so I can take some more family photo shoots outside so the kids can just be kids!

Having said that most people might not think ‘oh lets have a photo session outdoors in the winter’. However I disagree as I think nature can look quite dramatic during this time of the year. The trees have a haunting, ethereal feel to them & the winter sun is quite magical. It’s also a time to get cosy as a family with snuggly warm woollens & lots of hugs to keep warm. Any excuse to cuddle the kids is fine by me! Don’t forget your wellies too!

So come rain or shine I love to get you & your family outdoors to take some fun family photographs!

FAQ Fun, Natural, Photo Shoots (Outdoors)

Where shall we take the photographs?

If you think for a moment about the kinds of things you guys like doing as a family. For example, being outdoors, or indoors, visiting interesting places, maybe an urban setting, something a bit funky or edgy. If we do a little bit of brain storming about what your likes as a family are then we will get some great ideas for locations

What should we wear?

Generally I think similar tones of colours but not exactly the same work best. Maybe all in some type of pastel colour or all in bright colours but think about comfort as well for this informal style

What happens if it rains on the day?

We can go ahead & make it a fun rainy session, with wellies & bright umbrellas, maybe even getting muddy! Or we could do an indoor family lifestyle session, check out my other blogs for ideas or some samples on my site. If you really had your heart set on a lovely summery outdoor shoot I am happy to reschedule

How long will the session take?

I allow up to an hour for a family shoot, this time would depend on the children though in case they got tired or dinner was due soon, I would advise bringing some snacks & a drink along for the little ones to boost their energy as we go along

What time of the day is best to take the photographs?

I would suggest the ‘golden hour’ as the sun is setting for the outdoors photographs in nature, we are working around the sunshine. The time for this would depend on the time of the year but I could easily advise you on that one, generally late afternoon or early evening. If we are not so dependent on the sun set, eg: if we are doing a more urban theme or indoor session then I would suggest the morning as the children will be more awake & the morning light can be very nice too

Can we bring our dog to the shoot?

Oh yes, no problem at all, I will bring some treats for him or her! Dogs make great subjects to photograph & the kiddies interact better to if there is a furry friend around. I have photographed a pet sheep before so any pet is welcome!

What if the kids don’t play ball on the day?

With this style of photography this generally isn’t a problem as they are not being told what to do, they are just being themselves & having fun. I am capturing their personalities! Having worked in studios during my career & photographed children in nursery schools, I am very experienced with handling any tantrum or antics that might arise. I have found that these fun, carefree photographs really do get the best out of the kiddies involved

What if my child is ill on the day of the shoot?

It is no problem at all for me to reschedule

What if we want some photographs of our new born would you suggest these are taken outdoors or indoors?

If you have a new born I think it will be more comfortable for the little one if we did a family lifestyle photoshoot indoors (please take a look at my site under family or at my blogs for ideas on these shoots)

Do you supply prints & albums?

I can with great pleasure supply professional prints, canvases & a photo story book. You do have full copyright with this particular package to share & print the photographs as you wish. I think that with the lifestyle indoor photoshoot I would advise you to put together a story book. These shoots really are telling the story of your lovely family during this period in time. It’s just a little suggestion to finish the experience off to it’s fullest. If you guys like to create & design you can always give it a try or I can supply that service.

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