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At Home ‘Lifestyle’ Family Photo Shoot

Thinking of a lifestyle family photo shoot with a difference in the comfort of your own home? Take a look at this shoot for some fun ideas of natural photographs for you & your family.

Recently I have been thinking I would like to start offering In Home Photo Lifestyle Shoots to my clients. It makes a change from the posed studio photographs on a restricted background, where the kids have to stay in one place & generally have to be smiling looking at the camera. It’s a chance to capture some relaxed photographs of a family interacting in the comfort of their home.

I often hear clients say how much they like the natural photographs that have been taken when they are not aware. To be honest, these are my favourite photographs to take too! When I’m at a wedding I love capturing the character of the guests or the bride and groom chatting not looking at the camera. I have researched a few ideas on the internet and thought that this is definitely something I’d like to try. I think it’s a moment in time that tugs at the heart strings seeing the kiddies enjoying an activity they love. Being relaxed at home with their family. It is capturing this particular time in their life, something that will not be there forever.

I thought I’d start off by photographing my friend Katy & her lovely daughters, Miriam & Maggy.

It was a chance to show the girls interacting with mum and each other. We thought of a few things before the shoot that they do as a family & took candid ‘in the moment’ photographs. I really enjoyed it as I didn’t have to direct anyone, I just let them be. It was a privilege to watch the family share these moments together. I did the odd posed shot of them looking at the camera but mainly they were just candid photographs taken as things unfolded.

We started taking photographs of Katy and the girls playing playing Monopoly together. Even the family cat, Arthur, sneaked into these shots! I then suggested some reading photographs, snuggled on the sofa this soon turned into some fun tickling images which the girls really enjoyed. Not so sure about Katy though! Ha! Here’s the first set of photographs:


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