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Getting the perfect wedding confetti shots

I often have clients ask me questions about the confetti shot!

What’s not to like about this photograph? It’s fun, relaxed, a chance to capture some great expressions. They’re also a way of getting some great shots of your guests interacting, having a laugh. It’s so colourful too! I’d advise to get a lot to make it effective. When you walk through the tunnel, it looks great if there is loads of bits of confetti coming down! The more the merrier for those fun, happy expressions!

Where does the tradition of using confetti come from

The tradition of throwing confetti comes from Italy. Traditionally it was thrown as the happy couple left the church, confetti symbolised bestowing prosperity and fertility on the newly weds. Demonstrating the good wishes of the wedding guests.

Why don’t people throw rice nowadays?

Apparently it is bad for birds if they eat the rice! The theory is that wild birds who eat the rice will be harmed when the grains soak up stomach fluids. In 1985, a bill known as “An Act Prohibiting the Use of Uncooked Rice at Nuptial Affairs” was introduced in Connecticut to protect birds who might be harmed by leftover rice. The politician introducing it even went so far as to claim that several ministers had told her that after weddings they frequently saw multiple birds keeling over from being poisoned. Some say this is just a myth though & it’s because some venues don’t like you to throw anything because of sweeping it up afterwards.

What type of confetti should I use?

Nowadays most venues prefer you to use biodegradable confetti, it might be worth browsing for some ideas. I particularly like the vintage rose petals or anything really bright for my photographs. There are quite a few companies selling dry-freezed confetti on-line, so it’s worth having a look to see what you can find. One that maybe compliments your colour scheme, or just go for loads of crazy colours that will look really cool in a photograph.

Who supplies the confetti & are there some creative containers for holding the confetti?

It now tends to be the bride & groom who supply the confetti. There are a few people who will come with their own supplies, however if you want an effective photograph I would suggest supplying loads yourself. A lot of my couples make ‘arty’ containers to put the confetti in. I have seen some stunning, creative ideas. I love the little cones with the wedding date on & some little words, which are nice for the guests to take home as a keepsake too. You can assign a member of the bridal party to hand them out. Alternatively, have them displayed at the entrance/exit of the venue to collect as they walk out of the ceremony.

Make your own confetti

Some of my brides make their own confetti from rose petals, you could even add some wild flowers like daisies or poppies. Most people pop them in the microwave to dry them. Do this for around a minute & a half, making sure they are spread out in the process. Or you could ‘air dry’ them if you don’t mind waiting a few days for the petals to dry. Put some tissue or kitchen roll on top of a baking tray and spread out your petals, then leave them somewhere dry for a few days.

Do most venues let you use confetti

You will need to ask your venue if confetti is allowed, some venues aren’t keen because of the mess left behind. It is always a good idea to ask where we can set up the shot too as they might have designated areas.

When would you advise we set up the confetti photograph

I would advise to do this picture quite early on after the ceremony. Generally with my couples after the ceremony they will have a mingle with their guests, with a little drink & canapés, so they can have a breather before we do some formal group shots. Then I will line up the guests in two rows so the happy couple can walk down the middle, then the guests throw as much confetti as possible.

Are there any other ideas that a popular at the moment other than confetti

I guess the confetti shot is one of my favs, it’s so colourful & natural. Some couples are now using bubbles, streamers and confetti cannons, not all at the same time though! Again this would be something to discuss with the venue before hand as they might not agree to anything that isn’t the norm.

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